About Staff Laugh

The Staff Laugh Health and Happiness in the Workplace programme was started in 2012 by Jennifer Jones and Lotte Mikkelsen with a vision to make laughter available to everyone on a daily basis in order to improve health, well-being, motivation, productivity and the enjoyment of life and work in general.

The idea is based on daily telephone laughter – calls made to a phone service unique to each organisation in order for staff, management, contractors etc. to start their day on a positive note with lots of feel-good chemicals creating motivation and work-enjoyment.

However, it goes deeper than just laughing on the phone – the original idea of laughing for no reason has its roots in India where Medical Doctor, Madan Kataria, Founder of the Laughter Yoga Movement, first started daily Laughter Yoga, the unique laughter exercise routine, back in 1995. From then it has grown to a worldwide phenomenon where more than 70 countries have regular Laughter Clubs and workplace laughter sessions.

In the UK there are many workplaces running one-off Laughter Workshops but to get the true benefits both personally and professionally within any organisation Laughter Yoga needs to be adopted as an ongoing workplace and business improvement method.

Staff Laugh is a project run by UnitedMind Ltd. who provides a number of services based on Laughter Yoga, therapeutic laughter, and breathing techniques for longevity and sustainable health.

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