The Staff Laugh Health and Happiness Programme

The Staff Laugh Health and Happiness in the Workplace programme is a service to the public and private sectors with an aim to combat stress in the workplace and improve the quality of staff experience.

We offer programmes based on telephone laughter running Monday to Friday at specific time slots throughout the day in order to accommodate work shifts and workplace ethics. Our programme is tailored to suit any organisational requirements and not a static attempt to fit in laughter when inappropriate or unsuitable.

The service we offer is based on a conference call for staff to dial into and laugh together on a daily basis in order to improve work experience and attitude which can at times be challenged by conflicts and other influencers. Laughter defuse any situation that needs tactful tackling.

Please contact us to find out more and discuss the options available.

We currently operate in Essex and Hertfordshire but are not limited to any geograpical areas and are always kean to discuss our programme for any location, nation-wide or world-wide.

Please email or phone 0844 335 1552.